How do you handle rejection when prospecting for new business?

Many small-business owners avoid the cold call as free small business marketing, because they fear rejection. However, if you keep in mind that it is not a personal rejection, just that the party is not in need of what you are offering, this can be helpful.

Cold calling is one of the easiest ways to implement free small business marketing. Consider this: you are in a position to be making the cold call in the first place. Business is slow, and you need to connect with more potential clients. What do you have to lose? Nothing. You have everything to gain, and it is free. Free small business marketing in your hand…..the old-fashioned phone call. It could turn your business around.

What Does Builders Risk Property Insurance Cover?

Most insurance agents that specialize in working with commercial contractors that sell builders risk insurance (like this one) have good information available and expertise to advise the contractor as to the types of coverage available such as single shot, which is a policy on each house under construction, monthly reporting form where the contractor complete listings of all the houses under construction and pays monthly premiums, dropping completed homes the following month as well as a feature much the same but where the contractor pays an annual rate, and adjustments are then made to correct differences. Blanket annual deposit is the easiest and is where the contractor estimates the completed value of the new constructions for the upcoming year plus existing houses still under construction thus reducing administrative issues. Adjustments are then made with the insurance company depending on the contractor’s business for that year with more premiums collected or refunds provided.

Contractors are responsible to know this related side of their business and fully understand the insurance policies, terms and whom the leading insurance carriers are that specialize in Builder’s Risk Insurance that provides them with high quality low cost insurance. The Agent of these insurance carriers should be considered an excellent resource and advisor in assisting contractors to protect their insurable assets used in the construction or renovation of buildings should they sustain damages or losses. For more information about getting a builder’s risk policy or construction insurance contact ( and they can help you out.