Should You Hire a Clown That Is Also a Kids Magician?

When you are out there looking around to for birthday ideas in New York and want to hire a magician for your kids party, an easy mistake to make is to hire a clown that also bills himself as a magician. They are everywhere out there. Should you do it? Should you hire a clown that is also a magician? Well, within the question lies the answer. There are almost no clowns that can also pull off a convincing magic show. If you hire a clown, let them be a clown. To hire a good magician, you need to stick to one who is truly dedicated to his craft.

Magic is truly an art. Entertaining kids is just as much of an art. If you don’t hire a magician who is focused only on those two things, then you are getting some dilution of the two, and you end up with a bad magic show. You want your magician to be convincing, and his magic tricks to be the ones that your kids will remember into their adulthood. This is the kind of magician you are looking for. Don’t settle for a clown. Professional magicians are few and far between. Once you find one, you should definitely hang onto him. He usually won’t be a clown (there are a very rare few clowns who also can pull off a great magic show, but don’t hold your breath). Don’t compromise when hiring yourmagician, hire the best.